Graduated in Physical Education and Sports and postgraduate in Advanced Personal Training!

About me

I am graduated in physical Education and Sports and postgraduate in Advanced Personal Training.

Since I was young, I’ve always been connected to sports.

I suffered what all the kids suffer: “Do not know what I like most, so let’s do everything!”. There I was in these ”wanderings”, when I finally found out that acrobatic gymnastics would be the sport that I’d like to do most. I spent a few years in the sport until I gave up, because unfortunately, in our country, education and sport are not yet synchronised.

Since then I always kept in touch with sports, did not practice any competitive modality, but did my workouts on a regular basis or I went to the gym.

My Services

Personal Training

Don't like group classes? Do you prefer all the attention to yourself? Here I am! It is a personalised service.
PT Duo, Home & Fitness

Group Classes

It is so much fun! If you like to train, if you like challenges, group classes are ideal for you! It's a class where lack of motivation doesn't exist and quitting is a failure!

Online Coach

In addition to you having the spotlight and personalised training, you can easily access this all with a click of a button! This service can be available to you online (video call) or in paper format.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise

I am an expert! I have taken several trainings in the area, and I have been working a lot with pregnant women and newly moms.


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